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The lights that brighten up your home and all the devices driving it are part of an environment that can easily be taken for granted, at least until it has been taken away from you. When your electric service is interrupted the first reaction will be to head for the fuse box to return the tripped fuse back to its original position, unfortunately, it is not always as easy as that. The average individual will admit that their expertise in the field of electricity ends at the fuse box which is where we come in. Many companies promise results and fall short of your expectations; we take such a promise very seriously, so when you call us, don't be surprised when we turn up sooner than you expect.

Warning Signs

Interestingly enough the lights and devices around the home offer several indications that you may need a visit from an electrician, some of them may be annoying; others could eventually be overlooked. Lights that flicker while you work or prepare dinner for your family should not be ignored. This kind of behavior generally means that a problem such as poor wiring or overload of a circuit exists. Maybe it is a light switch that only works intermittently, or a power outlet that refuses to make a connection when you try to plug in your smart phone to have it charged. If any of these warning signs occur, we can help.

Home Made Remedies

It may seem a little humorous when you look at the electrical outlet and see several extensions leading out from it, but that humor will quickly change to shock when the outlet is overloaded, and translates into an electrical fire. It is important to realize that these outlets are designed to accept a limited load, which is probably why there are only two places to plug in your devices. The natural reaction is to go out and purchase an extension cord and then another until the need is satisfied, or something catastrophic takes place. The smart option is to have our professional technicians install another outlet and make certain that the wiring is adjusted so that it can satisfy the demands you intend to place on it.


With a need to have someone address the wiring in your home; it may suddenly dawn on you that you should be looking forward to seeing what kind of reliable electrician San Diego has to offer. Our reputation speaks for itself, and that voice generally comes from the thousands of customers we have served in the past. One of the reasons why Lightning Electric stands out from the rest is our dedication to resolve your wiring issues. Don't be surprised if you run into one of our technicians at the corner store, some of them might even live on your street, which is another reason why we are always there when you need us.

Experience The Best

Property owners who decide that it is time to expand or make some changes through renovations will appreciate the fact that our technicians are trained for anything being thrown at them. Electrical standards are constantly being changed to improve the safety and convenience of the resident. In order to maintain our knowledge of these changes, we provide regular training for our technicians so you can be sure that they have the qualifications to do the job right the first time. We make it our business to stay on top of any licensing and permit requirements so that there will be no delay when it comes to finishing the job.

A Sure Thing

Regardless of what kind of wiring issues you are experiencing, Lightning Electric stands ready to answer the call. Simple installations for ceiling fans or additional lighting should not be a hassle, especially for someone who is uncomfortable around tools. When you need the services of a San Diego Electrician, and you expect nothing but the best, you have come to the right place. Qualified technicians who are licensed and insured by the relevant government agencies, coupled with prices that fit into every budget, make us the best choice for handling your electrical needs. Don't wait for an emergency to introduce yourself, give us a call and let us provide you with the service you deserve.